In Enviroil II technology, used oils are treated and, in an initial phase, the water and solid sediments that are mixed with it are eliminated due to various causes, usually due to deficient packaging in the producers.
Despite the existence of a pre-treatment, the used oil is subject to a rigorous acceptance process. The raw material control parameters include, for example:

  • PCB’s - Chlorine - Sulfur - Silicon - Water - Sediments - Ash content…

Thus, the treatment is done in order to eliminate these contaminants, obtaining as a final product Regenerated Oil Bases, with viscosities to classify the products as SN80; SN100; SN150 and SN350.

In the first stage, two contaminants are removed:

  • Water;
  • Light hydrocarbons with low boiling point.

Thus, the main product is considered as dehydrated oil and then three more of the contaminants are removed:

  • Light hydrocarbons with low boiling point;
  • Light hydrocarbons with similar characteristics to diesel;
  • Long chain and high boiling hydrocarbons (asphalt).

Finally, proceed to the fractionation of the asphalted oil in fractions of Regenerated Oil Base:

  • SN80;
  • SN100;
  • SN150;
  • SN350.

At this stage of the process, the Regenerated Base Oil meets the specifications of Joint Order No. 662/2005.
However, Regenerated Base Oil is subject to a finishing process.


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