In Enviroil II technology, used oils are treated and, in an initial phase, the water and solid sediments that are mixed with it are eliminated due to various causes, usually due to deficient packaging in the producers.
Subsequently, based on a thermal treatment of evaporation followed by the respective condensation, two products are produced called light fuel and similar diesel.
Unlike the first product produced, the second is not reused in the treatment process itself, so it is necessary to proceed with its stabilization followed by centrifugation and filtration, which have the function of eliminating all small solid particles, liable to exist in suspension in the final product, thus obtaining a product with high quality standards.

Enviroil technology can be considered a recycling procedure that allows:

- Elimination of dangerous toxic components, existing in the used oil of origin.

- Obtaining a clean product, SIMIL (similar to diesel) usable in heating boilers.



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